Admission to KU

To be in the Jayhawk Blueprint program you will have to apply to KU. Below are two sets of instructions for beginning or continuing your journey in the Jayhawk Blueprint program. Each process is slightly different, so we recommend you pay close attention to the guides.

This is your first course in the Jayhawk Blueprint program.

You Should Apply

These instructions are for students that have never taken courses in Jayhawk Blueprint. Please note that if you are an international student, there is a separate application, and the Jayhawk Blueprint Coordinator would be happy to help you navigate that process.

Text Only Instructions on How to Apply

  1. Go to the Admissions website and click on "Apply Now."
  2. Under start your application, select "Sign In" to create an account and start your application.
  3. Create an account following the instructions on the page. Then click on the Undergraduate Non-Degree Application.
  4. On the Student Information page, under Your Plans select “Non-Degree,” select “No” to a bachelor’s degree, and then pick the semester you are planning to take your Jayhawk Blueprint course(s).
  5. Under additional information, select “No” you are not applying as a non-degree for study abroad. Select “Yes” you are applying as part of a special or grant-funded program. Then select Lawrence High or Free State High School concurrent enrollment program from the drop-down menu. Lastly, input the code “HSCE”.
  6. In the Academic Interest section, select "Non-Degree: High School Concurrent Enrollment." You will not have to select any major name Info.
  7. On the final page, make sure to select the option to use the waiver. By putting in the code earlier, you will not have to pay the application fee. If something goes wrong, you can always reach out to the Jayhawk Blueprint Coordinator to troubleshoot the issue.

You have taken courses in the Jayhawk Blueprint program before.

You Should Reapply

If you have taken courses in the Jayhawk Blueprint program before Fall 2021 or applied to KU in another format, you will need to follow the How to Reapply to KU directions. Students that completed courses in Spring 2021 will not need to apply or reapply. 

Text Only Instructions on How to Reapply

  1. Go to Admissions website and click on “Apply Now."
  2. Re-log into your application account or make an account if you have not previously used the online application. Click on the “Readmission Application” link. After you log in fill out your information. 
  3. When you get toward the bottom, select the “Yes” you have applied to KU before. This will prompt a series of questions about when you last applied and took courses. Answer based on your experiences. The comment below says, “Note: If you have attended KU only as a non-degree seeking student while in high school, you should answer No,” this is only in reference to applying to KU as a degree-seeking student.
  4. Select “Non-Degree” for the type of courses you are taking, “No” to having a bachelor's degree, and pick the semester you plan to participate in Jayhawk Blueprint.
  5. Continue filling out the information as you are prompted. Some sections will not require any information since you are reapplying.
  6. When choosing a major under the Academic Interest section, select “Non-Degree: High School Concurrent Enrollment.”
  7. Under the college information tab, check the box next to “I have not had any formal educational experiences since last attending KU.” In this case, formal education is referring to college.