Frequently Asked Questions

Student FAQs

Not through Jayhawk Blueprint. Only the designated classes are available through Jayhawk Blueprint for the discounted rate. 

Payment for Jayhawk Blueprint courses is made directly to the high school along with any other fees assessed by the high school.

Advanced Placement are special sections of high school courses designated by the high school to prepare students for national Advanced Placement tests. Students may earn college credits for these courses based upon their scores on these tests. Generally, students must earn scores of at least a 3 (on a scale of 1-5) on these national exams to earn college credit.

Concurrent enrollment courses are taught in the high schools by high school faculty. The student will have credit for the college course, a KU transcript, and exposure to college-level learning while still in high school upon successfully completing the course(s).

Only if you grant them delegate access. Delegate access within Enroll & Pay allows your parent or guardian access to view your course schedule, grades, and/or financials. Setting up Delegate Access is also necessary if you would like to give KU permission to release information about your record to your parent or guardian over the phone or by email. Please see our instructions. Once the student has granted the delegate access, there are additional instructions for the delegate to complete the process. 

Concurrent Enrollment students cannot withdraw from their KU class(es) without approval from their counselor. Reach out to your counselor to discuss options. If you both decide dropping is the best option, your counselor will give you a link to an online form to complete. Please be aware that you may still have to pay for the course depending on when you drop the class. Please review the drop deadlines.

It depends when you drop the course. The withdraw, also referred to as a W, will not impact your college GPA. Please check out our drop deadlines

KU allows you to change your name in our system and to make your KU email match your correct name. Please check out the Student Involvement and Leadership Center's instructions on how to update your name.

Parent/Guardian FAQs

Delegate access within Enroll & Pay allows you as the parent or guardian access to view your student's course schedule, grades, and/or financials. Setting up Delegate Access is also necessary if you want KU to release information about your student's record to you over the phone. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, known as FERPA, grants protections to students regarding their personal information. KU cannot disclose personal information about a student to their parent(s)/guardian(s), such as grades or holds, without permission from the student. To grant permission, students can set up delegate access via Enroll & Pay. For additional information, please see the KU Registrar's website.

The best advice we can offer is for your student to meet with their counselor. For advice on questions to ask their counselor, please check out our Courses page. It is also important to remember that Jayhawk Blueprint courses are intended to be more challenging, so make sure to consider that if you are helping your student pick courses.