These courses were selected because they offer an introduction to college-level learning in addition to their transferability across all Kansas Board of Regents institutions.

Learn More About Course Transferability

Which course is right for me?

This is different for every student. It is best to talk with your counselor about what class or classes makes sense for you. It can be helpful to think about your SAT/ACT scores, as some schools offer credit for certain scores. Other things to consider are your future degree plans, looking at transfer credit for the institutions you might go to, and thinking about the other classes you are taking at the same time.

Who is eligible? 

Students from the Lawrence Public School District must be an incoming junior or senior to enroll in concurrent enrollment courses. They will work with their counselors in their high schools to determine their eligibility for each course.

Courses Offered

Courses Offered (Note: All courses are subject to availability based on student interest and certified instructors.)
Course NameCredit HoursSemester Offered
COMS 130: Speaker-Audience Communication Fall & Spring
ENGL 101: Composition3Fall & Spring
HIST 128: History of the United States Through the Civil War3Fall
ENGL 102: Critical Reading and Writing3Spring
HIST 129: History of the United States After the Civil War3Spring
BIOL 100: Principles of Biology & BIOL 102: Principles of Biology Lab4Yearlong
MATH 101: College Algebra3Yearlong
SPAN 322: Spanish Grammar3TBD