Designate a Delegate

Delegate access for Enroll & Pay allows your parent or guardian access to view your course schedule, grades, and/or financials. It also grants KU permission to release information about your record to your parent or guardian over the phone. We highly recommend you set a delegate, especially if a parent/guardian will be helping to pay tuition/fees.

Additional Delegate Information

Setting Up Delegate Access

Text Only Instructions on Adding Delegates

  1. Login to KU Enroll & Pay. One of the easiest ways to do this is to click on the menu button to the left (three horizontal lines) and there is a link to Enroll & Pay in the upper right corner. You will need your KU online ID and password to log in.
  2. Click on the Share My Information tile on the homepage.
  3. For new access, select the Delegate Access To a New Contact box. Ensure the correct email address is provided.
  4. On this page select the things you want the delegate to have access to in your account. You can select as many or as few items as you want. Once you are happy you can click Save.
  5. An email will be sent to you confirming the addition of a delegate. An email with a unique security key will be sent to your delegate also. Your delegate will use this email to complete the process of setting up their delegate account.
  6. You can always edit a person’s access or deactivate a delegate. To edit or deactivate, click on the delegate’s name. This will take you back to the page where you can select items in Enroll & Pay to give access or a button to deactivate.
  7. If you deactivate the delegate’s access, there will be no checkmark in the Active column. If there is a checkmark, the account is Active.