Paying your Bill

Using Enroll & Pay, students and families can pay their bill online. Bills can be paid online using an eCheck or credit/debit card. Payments can also be mailed to the address located on the bill. In order for parents or guardians to have access to paying the bill, students must grant them delegate access. Information regarding outstanding bills will be sent to your KU email account.

Bill Payment Options

Forward Your KU Emails to Another Account

How to Pay Your Bill

You will receive an email to your KU email address with your bill summary and due date information. Bills are due on the 15th of the month depending on when your bill was generated. Check your KU email and preferred email regularly for bill updates and deadlines!
Image of Student Typing on Apple Computer

Text Only Instructions on Paying Your Bill

  1. Login to KU Enroll & Pay; you will need your KU online ID and password to log in. Contact Erin Wolfram if you need help: | 785-864-2308.
  2. Click on the Student Financials tile.
  3. This takes you to the Account Summary page. From here, you can view your account summary, charges due, account activity, and payment history.
  4. To pay your bill, click on the side menu button that says Pay Bills/KUCard/Dining $. This shows the Make a Payment page.
  5. Next, click on the Pay Tuition, Housing, and Other Charges button. This will redirect to our payment system, TouchNet, in a new window.
  6. Once you're in TouchNet, you will click on Make Payment. Select the amount, the method of payment, and confirm. 

Setting Up Delegate Access

Delegate access for Enroll & Pay allows your parent or guardian to view your course schedule, grades, and/or financials. It also grants KU permission to release information about your record to your parent or guardian over the phone. We highly recommend you set up a delegate as soon as you are admitted to KU, especially if your parent/guardian will be helping with bill payment.

Text Only Instructions on Adding Delegates

  1. Login to KU Enroll & Pay; you will need your KU online ID and password to log in.
  2. Click on the Share My Information tile.
  3. This takes you to the Set Up Delegates page. From here click on the create new delegate link on the screen.
  4. Read through the privacy statement and accept the terms. Remember that adding a delegate to your Enroll & Pay account will allow someone else to view your information. 
  5. Next, add in the personal information for the delegate you want to add.
  6. On this page select the things in Enroll & Pay you want the delegate to have access to in your account. You can select as many or as few items as you want. Once you are happy you can click next.
  7. Now you can either type your own personal message to your delegate or use the auto-generated one from the system. Click Send Email when you are happy with the message. This will alert the delegate that you granted them access and how login to Enroll & Pay for the first time.
  8. You can always edit a person’s access or deactivate a delegate. To edit or deactivate, click on the delegate’s name. This will take you back to the page where you can select items in Enroll & Pay to give access or a button to deactivate.
  9. If you deactivate the delegate’s access, there will be no checkmark in the Active column. If there is a checkmark, the account is Active.