Helpful Terms

Taking college-level courses can be a big change. Colleges and universities use a lot of terms that many students and parent(s)/guardian(s) may not be familiar with. Jayhawk Blueprint wants to make sure that we give you the tools that you need to succeed, including defining specific terms and how they relate to Jayhawk Blueprint and KU. If there is a term that you do not see listed below or you still have questions about, feel free to reach out to your teachers, counselors, or the Jayhawk Blueprint Coordinator.

Helpful Terms

Once you apply to KU as a non-degree seeking student through the Jayhawk Blueprint program, you will receive an acceptance letter. This means you are approved to register for courses by KU. A member of the Jayhawk Blueprint team will register you in your Jayhawk Blueprint course in the KU system. 

During this time, students can make adjustments to their schedule with their high school counselor. If you change which classes you are taking during this period of time or remove a class from your schedule, your bill will be updated to reflect the change in charges. It is important to pay attention to the timeline and not put off making changes to your schedule. You will only receive a 100% refund on classes you drop within the first week of classes. After this time, the refund rate drops to 50%, then 0%. Check out the Dates & Deadlines page for exact dates and times. If you drop a class outside of the drop/add period, you will receive a ‘W’ on your transcript, indicating that you withdrew from the course. If you feel like you need to withdraw from a class or all of your classes, you should talk to your counselor or teacher. They can make sure that you have the support you need to either finish the semester or the tools necessary to reenroll when you are ready.

This office will contact you once you have been accepted into the Jayhawk Blueprint program. If you have any questions about how to apply, contact the Jayhawk Blueprint Coordinator

Bills for Jayhawk Blueprint will be paid directly to the high school. The high school will reach out to students and their parents/guardians to coordinate payment.

Advanced Placement courses are special sections of high school courses designed to prepare students for national Advanced Placement tests. Students may earn college credits for these courses based upon their scores on these tests. Generally, students must earn scores of at least a 3 (on a scale of 1-5) on these national exams to earn college credit. Concurrent enrollment courses are taught in the high schools by high school faculty. The student will have credit for the college course, a KU transcript, and exposure to college-level learning while still in high school upon successfully completing the course(s).

Many classes are made up of several credit hours. For courses taught on campus, one credit hour generally equals one hour of class. For Jayhawk Blueprint, the number of credit hours for a course is determined by the on-campus version of the course. It is important to remember how many credit hours a course is because that determines how much the course will cost. 

These are students who are admitted to KU either part-time or full-time and are actively working toward a degree. After you graduate high school, if you decide to come to KU, you will have to reapply as a degree-seeking student to attend. 

Delegate access within Enroll & Pay allows your parent or guardian access to view your course schedule, grades, and/or financials. Setting up Delegate Access is also necessary if you would like to give KU permission to release information about your record to your parent or guardian over the phone. 

This system is KU's student information system. Through this system you can see which KU classes you are enrolled in, see grades for any completed courses, and add delegates.

Each semester you want to take Jayhawk Blueprint courses you have to sign-up and enroll. This is a two-step process: 1) enrolling at your high school and 2) fill out the sign-up form. Someone from the Jayhawk Blueprint team will register you for the KU section of the course after you finish the first two steps.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, known as FERPA, grants protections to students regarding their personal information. This includes the right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student's education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. This means that KU cannot disclose personal information about a student to their parent(s)/guardian(s), such as grades or holds, without permission from the student. To grant permission, students can set up delegate access via Enroll & Pay. For additional information, please see the KU Registrar's website.

These are foundational courses that are intended to help you gain a basic understanding in key subject areas. Many of the Jayhawk Blueprint courses fulfill general education requirements so that you can make meaningful progress toward a degree by taking Jayhawk Blueprint courses.

Jayhawk Blueprint courses count toward your high school and KU grade point average (GPA). As in high school, this record will carry over from year-to-year and stay with you during your time at KU. 

A hold is placed on your Enroll & Pay account for several reasons, including if you have an unpaid bill. It will prevent you from enrolling in Jayhawk Blueprint or other KU courses. If you see another type of hold on your account and have questions, email the Jayhawk Blueprint Coordinator

This person works for KU in Academic Success. They can help answer all your questions ranging from enrollment, bills, and other things related to KU. Please feel to reach out if you have any questions. 

Most of the courses selected for Jayhawk Blueprint transfer to all other Kansas Board of Regents institutions, but you should double check with each school you're interested in to see how they will transfer. Jayhawk Blueprint courses are meant to help you earn credits that will count toward general education requirements. If you end up attending a school that is not a Kansas Board of Regents institution, the courses may still transfer. Make sure to check with each school to see what credits count toward their graduation requirements. 

This is your main email in the Enroll & Pay system unless you change the email. It is important to check this email regularly to make sure you are not missing any communication from KU. Once you have set-up you KU Online ID, you will automatically have a KU email account created. KU IT has instructions for how to check your KU ID from a computer or mobile device.

Students at the University of Kansas are assigned a unique identification number called a KU ID number. It is a seven-digit number that can be found on your Enroll & Pay account. It is different from your online ID, which has a series of numbers and letters. For additional information, see the KU Registrar's website.

An online ID is the username you will use to log into any of KU's online systems. Your online ID is typically a letter followed by three numbers, another letter, and three more numbers. For additional information, check-out KU's IT website.

This is what all Jayhawk Blueprint students are classified as in KU's system. It means that you are not currently pursuing a specific degree at KU. However, after you graduate high school, you can apply to KU as a degree-seeking student if you want to earn a degree from KU.

For the Jayhawk Blueprint program, a member of the KU team will register you in the KU section of the course. After they register you, you will able to see the course in your Enroll & Pay account.

This is an official record of a student's coursework at a school or college. If you want to transfer your Jayhawk Blueprint credits to another college or university, you will have to request a copy of your transcript from KU. 

Most of the courses selected for Jayhawk Blueprint transfer to all other Kansas Board of Regents institutions. They are meant to help you earn credits that will count toward general education requirements. If you end up attending another Kansas Board of Regents institution, you will have transfer credit from KU after you successfully complete any Jayhawk Blueprint course(s). 

Tuition through Jayhawk Blueprint is offered at a discounted rate. To calculate how much you will owe, multiply  the cost per credit hour times the number of credits you are enrolled in through Jayhawk Blueprint. If you are interested in taking Jayhawk Blueprint courses but are concerned about the cost, contact your counselor for tuition waiver opportunities. 

Grades that you earn in your Jayhawk Blueprint courses are on your college transcript. If you fail a Jayhawk Blueprint course, it will remain on your KU transcript. A "W" appears on your transcript if you withdraw from a class after the cut off date. This will not affect your GPA. Do remember that if you withdraw or drop a class, you are only eligible for a full or partial refund before certain dates. Make sure to check the important dates and deadlines each semester to find out when the dates are. If you are concerned about failing a course or think you might need to withdraw, talk to your teacher and counselor. It is best to get help sooner than later in the semester.