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Who Teaches Courses

Jayhawk Blueprint program courses are taught by instructors in the high schools. KU departments approve the faculty upon the first iteration of the course offering.

Professor lecturing to a classroom of students.

Who Approves Courses

Once a course is approved to be offered, the department will work with the high school faculty to discuss course content. The departments will train the high school faculty and observe each course twice a year to ensure quality.

A student raising his hand in class for his professor.

Who Proposes New Classes

Typically this process is lead by the Lawrence Public School District. They have to have qualified instructors at both high schools as well as room in their schedule to teach the course. The Jayhawk Blueprint team works closely in any new course proposal process to connect the District with the KU departments as needed.

A professor interacting with one of her students.

Jayhawk Blueprint Faculty Feedback Form

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