Taking a Class

1) Enroll in Jayhawk Blueprint courses at your school, 2) Fill out the sign-up form online, 3) Apply to KU as a Non-Degree seeking student*, 4) Register for the KU section of the course, 5) Pay for the course via PowerSchool


After talking with your high school counselor, enroll in Jayhawk Blueprint course(s) at your high school. This usually happens in the spring when you enroll in your other high school classes.


Sign-Up Form

After you have enrolled, you will need to fill out the online sign-up form. This must be done every year, even if you have taken a Jayhawk Blueprint course before.

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Apply to KU

Once you fill out the sign-up form, you will have to apply to KU as a non-degree seeking student. If you took a Jayhawk Blueprint course last semester, you do not have to apply again. If you did not take a course last semester or have never taken a Jayhawk Blueprint course, you will have to fill out the free non-degree seeking application.

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Register for KU Class

This step does not require any action on your part. As long as you are enrolled at the high school, the Jayhawk Blueprint team will take care of this step. Once they register you for the course, you will be able to log in to Enroll & Pay and see the course(s). The Jayhawk Blueprint team will only register you for the current semester because KU registers for classes by semester, instead of by year like your high school.

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Pay for Course(s)

The last step is to pay for the course. Payment is made directly to the high school, via PowerSchool, just like any of your other high school course fees. If you have questions about the bill, please reach out to the district.

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